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In the digital age, visibility is everything. You need a trusted digital marketing partner to lead the way. That's us, OptiRank, your #1 Vancouver SEO Agency. We're here to help you rise above the noise, capture more leads, and expand your business. With our effective & proven SEO strategies, OptiRank has helped businesses to grow their online visibility, drive organic traffic growth, and optimize conversions. A dedicated team of SEO specialists, web developers, content writers, graphic designers, and social media specialists are committed to driving your online success and helping you reach new heights in the digital landscape. From Pioneers to Leaders: Tracing the Evolution of OptiRank – SEO Agency in Vancouver. As a group of like-minded individuals, with years of experience in this digital world, we recognized the power of SEO in transforming businesses and driving online success. We saw the potential and knew we had to make a difference. By collecting our minds, professionalism, and experience, we established OptiRank, a leading Vancouver-based SEO Agency. From day one, we set out on a mission to redefine the industry and provide extensive value to our clients. Through countless hours of research, testing, and developing our strategies, we mastered our skills and established ourselves as trusted and reliable Vancouver experts in the SEO industry.

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Before partnering with OptiRank SEO Agency, Royal Limo struggled to stand out amidst numerous competitors in the Vancouver limo service industry. Their website had limited visibility, making it challenging for them to reach their target audience effectively.


Working closely with Royal Limo, OptiRank SEO Agency in Vancouver developed a tailored SEO strategy that addressed their unique challenges and objectives.


Through targeted local optimization, comprehensive content strategies, and effective online reputation management, Royal Limo emerged as the premier limo service provider in Vancouver. Royal Limo is now one of the main and premier limousine drives in the Metro Vancouver Area.


When Planar Distribution Ltd. approached OptiRank SEO Agency, they realized their website struggled to generate organic traffic and attract potential customers. They faced the uphill battle of competing with well-established players in the diesel heater industry.


Collaborating closely with Planar Distribution Ltd., OptiRank SEO Agency in Vancouver developed a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to their specific goals and needs.


The partnership between OptiRank SEO Agency and Planar Distribution Ltd. yielded exceptional results, setting them apart in the competitive diesel heaters e-commerce landscape.


Prior to partnering with OptiRank, OS Marine struggled to reach its target audience effectively. Their website lacked visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs), resulting in missed opportunities and limited customer engagement.


Collaborating closely with OS Marine, OptiRank SEO Agency developed a tailored SEO strategy that successfully addressed their specific needs and objectives. OptiRank created a new and SEO-optimized website along with the location pages to drive traffic in the Metro Vancouver area.


The collaboration between OptiRank SEO Agency and OS Marine Services led to impressive outcomes, solidifying their position as the leading boat maintenance service provider in Vancouver. Each season, the client receives numerous amount of leads that makes his business more powerful and trustful.

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Canada: Byrån OptiRank SEO Agency hjälpte Amex Roofing & Drainage Ltd. att få sin verksamhet att växa med SEO och digital marknadsföring
Canada: Byrån OptiRank SEO Agency hjälpte OS Marine Maintenace & Repair Services att få sin verksamhet att växa med SEO och digital marknadsföring
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Canada: Byrån OptiRank SEO Agency hjälpte Royal Limo Vancouver att få sin verksamhet att växa med SEO och digital marknadsföring


genomsnittligt betyg baserat på Google-recensioner
Anna C
Apr 13, 2024

I’m very happy with the website OptiRank SEO Agency built for me! Not only does it look fantastic, but their recommendations for improving my local SEO have already made a difference. I’m already seeing more traffic and better visibility online. The team was friendly, professional, and made everything easy to understand. I highly recommend OptiRank to anyone looking to have a clean and neat website and have their organic traffic boosted. Thank you!

Khayla A-D
Apr 8, 2024

OptiRank SEO Agency went above and beyond in conducting a comprehensive audit of my website. Despite my budget constraints, they provided detailed recommendations to improve my site’s SEO. Their dedication and expertise were truly impressive, and I’m grateful for their exceptional service. I highly recommend OptiRank to anyone looking to boost their online presence. 5 stars all the way!

Scentrique Boutique
Jan 24, 2024

Alex worked with us on migrating our website to a different platform, and he did an excellent job advising us from the very beginning, ensuring that our SEO did not suffer any setbacks during the transition. Thanks to Alex, our migration went smoothly and accurately. We continue to work with Alex on our SEO and have already seen great improvements in ranking and traffic. Alex is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, quick to respond, and is there for any questions or issues. Highly recommended!

Payam Phantom
Apr 30, 2024

Big shoutout to OptiRank SEO Agency for their amazing help. They fixwed up our website and made it easier for people to find us online. Thanks to them, more folks are visiting our site. If you need a boost for your website, these guys are the ones to go to

Feb 23, 2024

We love our new website that was developed by OptiRank SEO Agency team. It perfectly shows off our business model and strategy. Easy to use and looks fantastic. Thank you Alex and your team for all your work!

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