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Edit essays, papers, and articles into powerful, polished writings, word by perfect word.
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What Is Semrush’s Online Proofreading Tool?

Our online proofreading tool is an editing platform that can help you improve your writing by detecting and correcting for readability, weak words, tone of voice, and stylistic errors.

  • Semrush Proofreader uses advanced algorithms and AI to scan and analyze your written content
  • It offers suggestions for improvement to ensure the final output is polished and compelling
  • In addition to writing improvements, Semrush Proofreader provides readability scores, style recommendations, and context-specific corrections
  • These improvements are invaluable for writers, students, marketers, and professionals aiming to produce high-quality written work

What Can You Do
with Semrush Proofreader?

Semrush Proofreader is a free online editor that helps
you improve your writing in seconds.

text editing
Make Your Content Clear and Impactful
  • Our online proofreader highlights hard-to-read sentences, passive voice, generic intensifiers, and other weak words
  • It shows you how to write for maximum impact
readability scores
Get Tone of Voice and Readability Scores
  • The tool uses AI to calculate a Tone of Voice score based on scientifically proven research and thousands of human-rated texts
  • It also determines a Readability score based on the Flesch–Kincaid readability tests
  • Both scores help ensure your message gets across quickly and effectively
catch mistakes
Instantly Catch and Fix Mistakes
  • Our writing editor detects weak adverbs, passive voice, complex sentences, dull words, and other mistakes
  • It also explains the rules behind each correction. And teaches you how to avoid them

Why Use Semrush Proofreader?

  • Save time on editing with instant feedback
  • Ensure consistency in your writing with our tone-of-voice-defining feature
  • Write with confidence and clarity, knowing you’re always using the strongest, most effective words

When to Use a Proofreading & Editing Tool

Online proofreaders are perfect for students, marketers, writers, and business professionals who want to improve their written communication.


Editing Writing in Social Media and Blog Posts

  • Writers and authors should use a writing editor to ensure their books, articles, and social media posts are error-free and easy to read
  • Semrush Proofreader can also help writers achieve the tone and style their audience expects

Editing Documents and Reports

  • Businesspeople and marketers should use a proofreader to present polished documents and reports that demonstrate professionalism and accuracy
  • Our proofreading and editing tool can help make reports and marketing copy more compelling with improvements to phrasing, word choice, and tone of voice

Editing Essays and Papers

  • Students, educators, and writers should use a proofreading tool to edit essays and papers to catch wording mistakes and improve their writing
  • Corrections in phrasing and tone will make their work clearer and more professional
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Semrush Proofreader is totally free!

Use it to edit as much content as you want.

How Does Semrush Proofreader Work?

Our advanced AI-powered proofreader instantly scans your text to make sure it’s free from passive voice, long sentences, weak adjectives, and other writing mistakes.

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1. Enter your text

Paste in something you’re already working on or start writing directly in the tool.

enter text example

2. Get your metrics and track the mistakes, including:

generic intensifiers, passive voice, long paragraphs and sentences, weak adjectives, non-inclusive language and overly-complex phrases

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3. Edit directly and apply the changes

Apply your edits directly and refresh the metrics to calculate updated scores with a single click

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4. See your Tone of Voice and Readability scores

  • Check your text's current tone of voice and readability scores
  • Apply the tool's recommendations and see how your scores improve in real-time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there.
Find the answers to your questions below.

How much does Semrush Proofreader cost?

There is no cost. Semrush Proofreader is 100% free.

What languages does Semrush Proofreader support?

How do you calculate the Readability score?

Does the tool support any integrations?

How do you calculate the Tone of Voice score?

Does Semrush Proofreader have a use limit?

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