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How TrueNxus Solved Their Content Creation Dilemma

Meet the Texas-based tech startup that is now able to execute its content strategy more effectively
Company type:
Software Development and Design
Company size:
Austin, TX, USA
Semrush Marketplace products/services used:
Semrush Pro, Semrush Marketplace Premium
Based in Austin, TX, TrueNxus is a project management software provider that specifically targets cross-collaborative teams. It uses content marketing and SEO as a primary means of building brand awareness online.
Holding Out For a Content Hero
As is the case with many startups, TrueNxus found their early content marketing efforts hampered by an inefficient content creation process. According to the company’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Friedman, for instance, long-read articles were taking up as much as 15-20 hours to develop in-house.
“We tried some alternatives,” he says, “but the quality of the articles was inferior and we had to throw them out. These alternatives were costly, too.”
What TrueNxus needed was a reliable and affordable source of content creators, capable of producing high-quality, original work.
“Instead of spending 15-20 hours on one article, we spend 2-5 hours strategizing keywords, article topics, and editing the article”
Jonathan Friedman
Enter Semrush
As an existing Semrush Pro user, Marketplace was a convenient solution – and it’s solved several of the company’s content problems, according to Friedman.
“Semrush allows us to leverage qualified content creators and scale our content generation,” he says. And that’s not all, either; Marketplace has also enabled the company to save significantly on both time and money, too.
For instance, Friedman claims that the cost of employing freelancers was “4x - 5x more expensive than Semrush”, while the company’s in-house team are now able to focus more on their wider content plan.
“Instead of spending 15-20 hours on one article,” he says, “we spend 2-5 hours strategizing keywords, article topics, and editing the article.
“In turn, we can focus on the SEO strategy and running the business.”
4 times faster content writing
With the help of Semrush Content Marketplace
Total Control
By using Marketplace, TrueNxus has also been able to retain control over the quality of the delivered work – a common concern for businesses that outsource their content creation.
“With the premium package, we can go through multiple revisions of the title and meta and even the article itself. While it is rare, there are occasions when we need to do multiple revisions of the article, and the premium option allows us unlimited revisions.
“The CS team is highly responsive to our requests, as well, and helps us get the best article possible.”
The platform has allowed TrueNxus to execute their strategy effectively, and Friedman recommends it to other businesses facing similar content creation problems.
“We love Semrush Marketplace,” he concludes, “and we plan on continuing to use it as our preferred content marketing partner.”
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